Lot 1225 with Wieden+

We were tasked to design the interior of the agency for the holiday season. We created a museum called Lot 1225, with a backstory built around different "artifacts" and included a 360 degree view of what life was like in the past from a perspective set far in the future. The museum included an audio tour voiced by our docent Mr. David Kennedy himself.

"Lot 1225 was discovered during an archaeological dig in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth. These artifacts date back to the late second millennium, and the archivists of The Snowflake Preservation Society have painstakingly assembled this exhibit.

It is our only window onto the world as it existed during the Holiday Era." 

Designers: Angie Mauer, Helena Chu and Chelsea Parker Guidry
Art Production: Denise Hangii, Sue Cool, Kevin Shaw, Ademar Matinian
Woodwork: Robb Off
Photographer: Chris Lael Larson