Super Good helps individuals take financial and social action against Trump. It's a micro-donation, activism platform that makes it easy to both donate and do something good.

This platform was born out of frustration from Trump's presidential win, and brought 5 of us friends together to create this. Our hope is to help those who are affected and neglected by this current presidency.

Please check out and here’s a write-up on AdAge

When things feel super bad, let’s do something Super Good. 

*In hindsight, we should have known we would abandon this to the onslaught of depression brought on by Trump wreaking havoc on our souls and humanity.

Copywriter: Tara Dubbs
Art Director: Megs Senk
Designer/Illustrator: Helena Chu
Strategist: Chelsea Bauch
Technologist: George Korsnick
Motion Graphics: Benjamin Cheek