True: Art Installation for Semi Permanent by Kamp Grizzly 

Semi Permanent is an annual conference held in Australia that brings together internationally renowned designers, artists & creative icons. For 2019, their theme and our brief was Truth.

We wanted to explore the inherent untruths of design to highlight the role it plays in the global “fake news” reality of 2019. The promise of an elevated life, or truth, through consuming does not always lead to one. More often than not, it only adds to the confusion of what’s genuine. 

“What is truth?” led us down a dark path of skewed realities, false narratives and untruths being sold through everyday media. Come join us as we spiral out into the abyss!

Inspiration: They Live and Mcluhan’s Medium is the Message

Agency: Kamp Grizzly
ECD: Dan Portrait
Art Director: Helena Chu
Execitive Producer: Jeff Harding
Spatial Designer: James Snowbarger
Designer:Ashley Marcu
Copywriter: Logan Corcoran