YesSauce with Kamp Grizzly

"I put that $#*! on everything!"
- owners of YesSauce exclaim day and night

YesSauce was Kamp Grizzly’s holiday soirée, thrown in a notorious Chinese restaurant in Portland's seedy Chinatown. Guests had to wind their way through red lanterns and silk streamers until they were greeted with an expansive table of culinary delights. Guests partied the night away while drinking from a two-headed ice dragon, dancing in a secret back room bathed in a neon glow and sauntered away with bespoke CBD hot sauces and asian sauce themed tees.

Inspiration: I took a look in the mirror

Agency: Kamp Grizzly
Art Director/Designer: Helena Chu
Producer: Connie Wohn, Party Animal
Food: Peter Cho/Han Oak