End of the World Mart with Kamp Grizzly 

The history of raves in the 90's in Portland were tied to corner marts and thus End of the World Mart was born as the theme for Kamp Grizzly’s holiday party.

Guests entered into a fully stocked End of the World Mart complete with slushees, snacks and even toilet paper. Chef Peter Cho created artistic delectable corner store snacks from high-end cup-o-noodles to chili served inside chip bags. A vintage van with treats, a disco ball/cd filled light installation, a 25-foot projection mapped floating sphere, and neon lit grocery cart moving bars helped bring that Christmas cheer.

Bonus holiday emotions, all groceries were bought specifically to donate to the Oregon Food Bank and the takeaways were unique corner store gift bags.

Inpsiration: 80s NW Punk Scene

Agency: Kamp Grizzly
Art Director: Helena Chu
Designer: Rico Macias-Zapeda
Producer: Connie Wohn/Party Animal, Jenny Smith, Ann Monahan
Light Design: Craig Winslow
Video Graphics: Dane Overton
Food: Peter Cho/Han Oak